ETA will hold its 3rd Autumn conference virtually, in the morning of the 19th of November. The event theme shall be “Towards a more resilient and greener future – the changing world of the Tug sector in a time of COVID and the future we can anticipate“.

The conference will bring together ETA members to discuss the many ways COVID-19 has changed how we do things in the towage industry. The scope will be to look into the new financial, operative or competitiveness challenges the sector is currently facing and the essential steps it has to take to secure a greener, smarter, safer and more resilient future. Speakers will represent different sectors within the maritime industry, from shipyards and tugs designers, to policy makers, ports and terminals, services suppliers and of course, shipowners. All these players have been dramatically impacted by the pandemic and they will have to adapt to a new reality that demands a greener and more resilient waterborne sector.

Confirmed speakers:

Danae Bezantakou, CEO Navigator Shipping Consultants who will give a shipowners perspective of how the future for shipping will look like.

Jurgen Bjerre, Deputy Head of Ports EC DG Move shall describe the different policy and legislative initiatives the EU has approved or is going to implement in order to support the sector during these difficult times and boost the transition towards a greener and smarter transport.

Vicente Boluda Ceballos (ETA Vice-Chairman and Boluda Corporación Marítima Executive Vicepresident) and Kasper Friis Nilaus (Svitzer Global CEO) will describe how EU towage companies are coping with the challenges posed by the pandemic as there are fewer port calls and longer idle times. 

Ali Gurun, Sanmar Projects Director shall give his views on the next tugboats technological developments which are going to be designed and implemented during this decade. 

Willem-Jan Hamers, Redwise Managing Director will focus on the different ways maritime companies have had to adjust to a quickly changing environment.   

Lamia Kerdjoudj,  Secretary General Feport, who will explain the impact of COVID-19 on European ports and the steps they are taking to become greener, smarter and more resilient. 

Mijndert Wiesenekker, Damen Shipyards Commercial Director shall outline the pandemic negative effects on the shipbuilding market and how it is trying to adapt to such a complex scene

Steve Dougal, Managing Director of Century Marine Services will be the event´s moderator and give a short introduction on the current situation of the European towage market. 



You can find the official agenda here.

The event is open to non members and free of charge.

Interested participants are required to register by sending an email to

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