The European Tugowners Association wants to share its solidarity with its Ukrainian member Donmar and the whole Ukrainian nation. ETA members are concerned regarding the safety and well being of the entire Ukrainian shipping community and condemns the destruction of civilian infrastructure and the bombing of Ukrainian cities and towns.

Moreover, ETA members also want express their full support to the initiatives undertaken by the European Union with respect to this unfolding conflict. We believe that more than ever now is the time that all the EU Member States, the European civil society and the various European stakeholders act concertedly and support firmly the European initiatives being taken with regards to the conflict.

Nonetheless, the European towage industry is concerned about the impact this conflict and the sanctions are going to have on the European port community. The exponential increase of energy prices is already having a damaging effect on the EU towage sector, as its competitiveness also relies on fuel prices. Thus, ETA welcomes the REPowerEU joint European action, which should make energy more affordable and address this critical situation. The ETA members also call on the European Commission to use all the instruments available to guarantee the constant flow of cargos and the good functioning of the EU logistic sector during this crisis.

The European port towage community is ready to face the disruptive impacts of this war, as it has also done with great resilience during the last 2 years marked by the pandemic.

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