On 28 October, the European Parliament Transport Committee (TRAN) discussed the new own-initiative report  on technical and operational measures for more efficient and cleaner maritime transport. The rapporteur, Karima Delli, Chair of the TRAN committee aims, with this file, at enriching the debate on the development of a EU strategy for a greener maritime industry. 


ETA welcomes the report, and in particular it values its call for a strengthened short-sea shipping within the EU and the demand for further support to complete the Motorways of the Sea, as they are sustainable alternatives to road and air transport. As a matter of fact, as the document underlines, short-sea shipping should be promoted on the same basis as rail and inland waterways within the Green Deal framework. 


Moreover ETA supports the proposals to take swift action to regulate port access for the most polluting ships, and to introduce a requirement for cold ironing. This initiative should be complemented with the right policies to foster the development and deployment of alternative or green fuels for ships.  


We welcome Ms Delli´s report and we believe that it will feed the EU debate on maritime transport policy. We agree with her on the need of accompanying emissions restrictions with a strong research policy and the right funding tools to foster the adoption of the greenest solutions“, says ETA Secretary General Anna Maria Darmanin.


The report will be voted in the EU Parliament plenary early next year. You can find the it here. 

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