IMO´s World Maritime Day is dedicated this year to “Seafarers: at the core of shipping’s future”. With this theme the International Maritime Organization pays tribute and tries to give visibility to the sacrifice and heroism of sea professionals, which have been an essential element to keep our economies running during the pandemic. Yet, in spite of their crucial role, seafarers have suffered the hardships of an unprecedented crew change crisis and health safety constraints that have put in risk their mental and physical integrity.

ETA, on behalf of the European towage industry supported the IMO, ILO, European and national efforts to recognise seafarers as key workers, address the issues produced by the crew change crisis and grant seafarers priority access to COVID-19 vaccines.

ETA fully endorses the message and objectives of this IMO´s World Maritime Day. Putting sea workers in the spotlight is fundamental to raise awareness about the issues affecting the essential human element of our industry: seafarers. Some of these like crews´ mental health, training and skills and developing the right career conditions to attract women and young professionals must be addressed in the upcoming years if we want to keep the competitiveness of our industry ” said Anna Maria Darmanin, ETA Secretary General.

IMO Secretary-General, Kitack Lim recorded a video message for this year´s World Maritime day asking all international stakeholders to address the hardships that seafarers are suffering at the moment caused by the pandemic.

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